student work

Phillip McClure, Video Self Portrait, 2017, Video (06:29)

Berkley Kirsche, Process Painting, 2018, HD Video (02:21)

Christopher Costello, Video Self Portrait, 2016, HD Video (01:09)

Arezou Taeed, Untitled (a broken narrative), 2018, Video (03:05)

Alex Gottardy, Moving Image Project, 2018, HD Video (01:04)

Marion Velis, Don’t Forget, 2017, HD Video (07:44)

Sarah Himes and Madelyn Livingston, ThatWasDefinitelyMe, 2017, Digital Video (03:24). A collaborative project based on the writing "THREE – THE MAKING OF A GENERIC, UNSENT LETTER" by Sam Beckman.

Kim Crine, Meredith Farina, and Marion Velis, Mornings, 2017, HD Video (03:25). A collaborative project based on the poem "Mornings" by Sam Beckham. 

Ido Erlitzki, Video Self Portrait, 2016, Video (03:13)

Kim Crine, fuck donald trump, 2017, Found Footage Video (02:43)