My art practice follows a cyclical process of filling and emptying – of materials, of time, of myself. I am particularly concerned with this self – whether I’m myself or my selves, body or image – and how these entities are performed, split, and extended across the temporal planes of my lived present and virtual past. My work draws attention to the points at which my versions of self get caught between those planes, where my sense of embodiment becomes confused and my subjectivity disperses. My virtual self and I conjoin to create a new kind of zombie, where pixels and atoms are sutured together, flowing across multiple elsewheres and elsewhens, never knowing where to stop or how to become fixed within a single state. This work questions the consequences of embedding myself into multiple platforms and timelines, for I’m no longer sure if I’m body or specter, here or there, now or then. We’re all just floating around through the digital ether, up in the Cloud (wherever that is). 

Metadreaming_Airdrop (Still).jpg
That Syncing Feeling_duplicate.jpg

Syncing, Digital Video, 13:26 (loop), 2018


Untitled (McLuhan Was Right), 2018, Digital Image

Untitled (Glitchcock Eyes), 2018, Digital Image